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Dynamic Pages in Wix - Everything You Need To Know

What are dynamic pages?

Wix's dynamic pages emerge as the ultimate time-saving feature in website design. The dynamic pages  in wix eliminate the need for creating numerous individual pages, as they possess the unique ability to adapt and modify their content dynamically. Instead of crafting multiple pages, you can streamline your efforts by creating a single reusable template, effortlessly incorporating various content pieces in wix. Dynamic Pages offer a solution to the 100-page limit imposed by Wix, providing a pathway to create unlimited pages, enhance user-friendliness, and boost SEO.

Imagine overseeing a blog on Wix. Leveraging Wix's dynamic pages, you can craft a singular template for your blog entries. Wix seamlessly utilizes this template to automatically generate a new page each time you add a new blog article. This streamlined approach offers a straightforward method to expand your blog without the hassle of repeatedly creating individual pages. With Wix's intuitive dynamic pages, managing and growing your blog becomes a hassle-free experience.

Dynamic website pages

Limitless Potential with Wix's Dynamic Pages

Addressing the 100-Page Limit: Dynamic pages on Wix serve as a strategic remedy to the 100-page limitation inherent to the platform.

Unlimited Page Creation: The primary allure of dynamic pages lies in their ability to break free from the shackles of limitations, allowing users to create an unlimited number of pages for their websites.

Enhanced User-Friendliness: Beyond the sheer quantity, dynamic pages contribute to an improved user experience, fostering a more seamless and intuitive navigation for visitors.

SEO Boost: In the dynamic pages paradigm, the focus isn't solely on quantity but also on quality. By adopting dynamic pages, users stand to enhance their website's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities, potentially elevating their online visibility.

Wix Dynamic Pages  effect on responsiveness

Wix's dynamic pages are the foundation for building individualized, content-rich experiences without the need for complex coding. Wix's dynamic pages make it simple for users to manage Collections, allowing for real-time updates that maintain interesting and fresh material. Companies use this functionality to adjust their websites quickly and efficiently to changing user needs. These pages' adaptability is a blessing for e-commerce because it makes it easier to maintain product catalogues and create user experiences that encourage conversions.

How to setup Dynamic pages in Wix:

Set up a Collection: If you haven't already created a Collection, start by setting it up. Head to the Wix dashboard, select the 'Database' tab, and create a new Collection. Define the fields you want in this Collection, such as title, description, text etc or according to your requirement.Go through this tutorial to setup Collections.

Add Dynamic Page: Once your Collection is set, navigate to the 'Database' tab again, select your Collection, and click 'Add Dynamic Page.' This action prompts Wix to create a new dynamic page template based on the Collection's structure.

Additionally you can check out this video for a detailed guide on adding dynamic pages in Wix

Choose Collection: Choose a collection of your choice for which you want to create a dynamic page.

Select List Page: When creating the dynamic page, choose the option for a List page. This type of page will display a list of items from your Collection. Customize this page layout as per your design preferences. 

Display Collection Items: The List dynamic page will automatically showcase items from your Collection in a list format. You can adjust the layout, design elements, and how the items are presented on this page.

Connect Read More Button: While initially, the 'Read More' button may not be connected to the Collection's items, you can further customize it. Clicking on the 'Read More' button should lead to an individual item's dynamic page. To connect it, use Wix's editor to link the button to the respective individual dynamic page. You can do this by setting up the link to navigate to the dynamic page for each item in the Collection.

The screenshot displays that CollectionExample Collection has  dynamic pages.

The elements displayed on the page serve as the index directing site visitors to various item-specific pages that you've created. To include these item pages, you'll need to navigate to the databases section and access the collections. From there, you can add the "item" dynamic page to integrate these specific pages into your website structure.

The Item page must now be incorporated into our setup for us to go to the next stage of the process. This is where things become intriguing: As soon as we enter the Item page, Wix provides us with a default template that is ready to use. But there's still more! You're not limited to this default configuration, which is the finest part. Nope, the entire customizable playground is at your disposal. Allow your imagination to run wild as you modify the item page layout to precisely suit your needs. Do you want to add a compelling headline or more description to the section for some added flair?

It's like to having a canvas on which you may paint the ideal representation of your product and embellish it with all the extras you want to make it spectacular!

Furthermore, within the "Sites Pages and Menu" section, we can observe dynamic pages. These dynamic pages are linked to the Collection named "Collection Example."

When you go ahead and make a dynamic page using Wix, something neat happens behind the scenes: Wix itself creates two special fields in the Collection that match up with the dynamic pages you've just made. These fields act like a connection, linking your dynamic pages to the Collection so everything flows smoothly. It's like Wix sets up this backstage arrangement to make sure your dynamic pages have the right place to grab their content from. This happens automatically, making your life easier when handling collections and dynamic pages together.

To delve into the specific URLs of the dynamic pages you've meticulously created, initiate your journey by directing yourself to the "Site Pages and Menu" section within your Wix dashboard.

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Go to "Site Pages and Menu" in Wix. Find the dynamic pages section and pick the page you're curious about. Then, jump into its settings. Look around and find

"page info." Right there, you'll see the URL for that dynamic page! Easy peasy!

Within the page info section, you'll find the URL displayed.

Here choose the field name according to the requirement

Manually connect item to the specific dynamic page:

This function allows direct connections between items and their corresponding dynamic pages.

By clicking on this option, you can create precise links between items and their designated dynamic pages. Manually establish connections between items and their respective dynamic pages using this feature.

Connect the Text to the field of your choice in the Collection.

Another Approach for Adding Dynamic Pages:

An alternative method to generate dynamic pages in Wix involves accessing "Site Pages and Menu," selecting "Dynamic Pages," and creating a new dynamic page using the "Add Dynamic Page" button.

It is important to first select the Collection for which you want to add dynamic page.

Using an alternative method for creating dynamic pages in Wix provides flexibility and different navigational pathways for users who may find the interface or workflow more intuitive or accessible. It caters to varying preferences and workflows, ensuring users can achieve their goals in creating dynamic content through multiple routes within the platform.


  • Generate a new dynamic page akin to the ones previously made.

  • Proceed to alter the URL by selecting a distinct field.

  • For example, I opted for the Last Name field as it is known for its uniqueness within the "Collection Example" collection.

In this scenario, unique item pages will correspond to each individual Last Name.

How Many Dynamic Pages Can You Create in Wix?

The good news is that dynamic pages in Wix do not have a limit! Dynamic pages can accommodate infinite content and are meant to be scalable, in contrast to static pages, which have a maximum of 100. This implies that you won't have to worry about running into any limitations while creating as many dynamic pages as you require.

Wix doesn't have a cap on dynamic pages for the following reasons:

  • Wix's infrastructure is built to handle large amounts of data and dynamic content, they can manage dynamic pages efficiently without compromising performance thanks to their robust servers and caching mechanisms.

  • Dynamic pages are generated dynamically based on your collections, there's no need to pre-create and store individual pages, which frees up space and resources.

  • Wix puts flexibility and scalability first. Their platform is made to meet the demands of all sizes for dynamic content because they recognize that websites can expand and change over time.

Best Practices for Responsive Wix Websites with Dynamic Pages

Although there is no technical restriction, it's crucial to keep in mind that performance can still be impacted by excessive material and complicated dynamic features. Use these best practices to make sure your Wix website stays responsive and loads quickly:

  • Make the most of your collections: To enhance search and performance, use clear data, keywords, and descriptive titles.

  • Regularly test your website: Make use of Wix's preview and mobile editor to check for responsiveness and spot any possible performance problems.

  • You may take advantage of limitless content without sacrificing the functionality of your website by using these pointers and learning how Wix dynamic pages operate.

By following these tips and understanding how Wix dynamic pages work, you can enjoy the benefits of unlimited content without compromising on your website's performance.

Scaling Up: Managing Large-Scale Content with Wix Dynamic Pages

Dynamic pages become invaluable resources when it comes to organizing a lot of material on your Wix website. "Scaling Up: Managing Large-Scale Content with Wix Dynamic Pages" focuses on using dynamic pages' features to manage large amounts of different types of material without sacrificing user experience or performance.

With Wix's dynamic pages, you can build a template-driven framework that retrieves data from a database or collection, giving you the ability to present material consistently on different pages. This is especially useful for handling many objects, goods, articles, or any other type of content that has a similar structure but differs in terms of content.

Effortless Content Creation: Dynamic Pages Crafting from Collections
  • Content chaos melts away as dynamic pages automatically build themselves from your collection treasures.

  • Ditch the content juggling act! Dynamic pages seamlessly weave together your collection data, crafting beautiful pages with zero sweat.

  • Say goodbye to manual marathons! Dynamic pages dance with your collection, effortlessly spinning up a dazzling array of content.


Wix dynamic pages are the foundation for creating interesting websites that change with the needs of their users. We've revealed the importance of dynamic pages and how to maximize their potential inside the Wix ecosystem. Users may easily incorporate one or multiple dynamic pages into their site layout by realizing their crucial role, which will increase user interaction and diversity of information.

And let's not forget about collections—they're the backstage heroes managing all that dynamic content. They're the organized brains behind the scenes, making sure your site showcases all its diverse content without breaking a sweat. We've also discussed the best practices for a snappy, responsive site with these dynamic pages and did you catch the trick to adding not just one, but multiple dynamic pages effortlessly? "Ready to dive deeper into Wix and Velo? Take your skills to the next level with our comprehensive 'Velo for Beginners' course on Udemy. Enroll today to uncover the intricacies of Wix and Velo

In a nutshell, dynamic pages in Wix? They're your ticket to a site that's as flexible and lively as you are. Mastering these tricks lets you craft a site that's dynamic, engaging, and effortlessly responsive—keeping your visitors hooked with fresh, ever-evolving content. Cheers to Wix's dynamic page magic!


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