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Our Work

Carbon Progress

AI-Driven Q&A for Climate Questions

We developed an AI-driven Q&A page for climate-related questions based on user zip codes. The design includes zip code input, question input, prompt repeater, question-answer repeater, and a response time loader. Using Data Collections and Wix Realtime API with Llama integration, we stored questions in a database, displayed them based on zip codes, and generated real-time AI responses.

Kelly's Candles

Ecommerce Wix Studio Redesign

We migrated the website from the regular WIX editor to WIX Studio, enhancing design capabilities and responsiveness. We transferred all products, restricted reviews to registered users with custom code, and implemented a birthday reward system using the Wix Loyalty Program.

London Mountain Festival

Custom Event Management System

We enhanced event planning with a custom Velo form featuring field validations, real-time Google Address validation, and dynamic video management. Users can accurately input details, verify addresses, and tailor video content, culminating in a detailed event page that improves organization and user experience.

New Day Resources

Custom Searchable Directory with Dynamic Pages

We developed a sophisticated resource directory featuring advanced search and customizable resource pages for different content types. Key features include dynamic search and filtering options, resource-specific displays, clickable tags and authors, and like/favorite functions. The project also incorporates a secure custom login system with CAPTCHA, all seamlessly integrated using Velo for an enhanced user experience.

Let Them See The Cake

Cart Customization with Delivery Date Selection

We enhanced a cake shop's cart page by adding a dynamic date picker, allowing only the selection of available dates for delivery or pickup. This feature prevents checkout without date selection and is supported by an admin dashboard for easy date management, streamlining the ordering process.


Custom Product Pages

We created a dynamic product page that tailors content and options to the product type, featuring interactive elements and personalized action buttons for an enhanced shopping experience.

Diagnose Me

Bespoke AI Driven Diagnosis Platform

We created an AI-powered Diagnosis Tool with Velo and OpenAI's GPT-3.5-turbo, offering real-time health diagnoses and treatment recommendations. It features natural language processing, instant front-end updates, and secure data logging to enhance and personalize the diagnostic experience.
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