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Live Entertainment

Live Entertainment

Entertainment Company Gig and Act Management System


This project entailed the development of a comprehensive system for an entertainment company facilitating gig and act management. Custom forms enabled accurate input of gig and act details, while multiple pricing plans dictated user upload limits. Plan specifics, stored in a collection, allowed flexible modification by the site owner. Additionally, a review system enabled user feedback.

Key Features:

Custom Form Design:

The project involved creating a sophisticated form to input gig and act details. Each field featured custom validations to ensure accurate data submission. Users can upload pictures and add a certain number of video links dynamically, in line with their pricing plan's restrictions.

Pricing Plan Integration and Flexible Plan Management:

The system seamlessly integrates multiple pricing plans, with corresponding limitations on video uploads in the forms. Free users also benefit from plan-based allowances. Plan details are stored in a collection, allowing the site owner to modify them as necessary, ensuring adaptability to changing business requirements. Additionally, the pricing plan determines the maximum number of act listings a user can create.

Form Details/Challenges:

The form was notably complex, accommodating various gig and act details. Custom validations were implemented for each field to maintain data accuracy. The dynamic addition of video link fields in line with pricing plan restrictions added another layer of complexity.

Comprehensive Review System:

Once the acts are listed on the site, users can review gigs and acts. This was done by making use of Wix collections.

Randomized Listing Display:

The project introduced a feature whereby act listings are randomized each time the page is loaded. This ensures that no act consistently appears first or last, providing equal exposure for all acts.

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