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Velo for Beginners

The Velo for Beginners course aims to guide you from being a Wix designer to becoming a Wix developer, equipping you with essential skills and the right mindset for your journey. Throughout this course, you'll gain proficiency in accessing the Velo environment, understanding its documentation, and, most importantly, leveraging it to transform your website into a dynamic web app! The course is structured with modules containing video lessons covering JavaScript basics, Web Development concepts, and practical Velo coding techniques. Each module culminates with a project that helps you flex those coding muscles and practice creative problem solving as a developer.

Course Outline

  • ✅ Part 1 - Dev Mode On! - Exploring the Velo dev environment

  • ✅ Part 2 - Interacting with the Editor - Selecting Wix Elements with code

  • ✅ Part 3 - Forming a Form - Wix Inputs working together

  • ✅ Part 4 - Data, data, data - the Wix CMS and Wix Data API

  • ✅ Part 5 - Show em’ What you got - fetching and displaying data

  • ✅ Part 6 - Let’s get Moving with dynamic pages

  • ✅ Part 7 - Member management - working with the member API’s

  • ✅ Part 8 - Final Project - Poll Builder Platform

Each module is comprised of 6-8 original video lessons.

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Build a ChatGPT Clone with Wix Course

In this course you learn how to create your own ChatGPT clone using Wix and OpenAI using the new chat models (gpt-3.5-turbo). 


- Hours of exclusive Video Tutorials

- Free Starter Template (no code)

The template can take up to 3 business days from course registration.

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