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Hizbullah khalifa
Hizbullah khalifa
Nov 02, 2023

i need some basic velo code for learning?


I dont have validation messige uption even in my regilur inputs do you know is it somthing on all wix websites now are only mine?

Eitan Waxman
Eitan Waxman
Oct 11, 2023
Replying to

Hi, depending on the Editor you are using and when you created the site you may not have that option. Wix introduces new features from time to time and they don't always apply to older sites. If you create a new site you should have that option.


Velo for Beginners - Become a Wix Frontend Dev

  • 63Steps
  • 8Participants


The Velo for Beginners course aims to guide you from being a Wix designer to becoming a Wix frontend developer, equipping you with essential skills and the right mindset for your journey. Throughout this course, you'll gain proficiency in accessing the Velo environment, understanding its documentation, and, most importantly, leveraging it to transform your website into a dynamic web app! The course is structured with modules containing over 17 hours of exclusive video lessons covering JavaScript basics, Web Development concepts, and practical Velo coding techniques. Each module culminates with a unique project that helps you flex those coding muscles and practice creative problem solving as a developer.

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app




Single Payment
2 Plans Available
From $240.00/month


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