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Ai Solution The Wix Wiz

Use the code in this template to create your own advanced AI applications!

Dev Day Series Template

Get access to all the newest updates to the OpenAI API's along with a new sleek chatbot design.



  • Chat completions 

  • Image generation

  • Speech to Text (requires additional purchase)

  • Text to Speech

  • Assistants API (Beta)

  • Streaming

Template comes as is without an API Key. Transfer should occur within 1-3 business days after purchase. 

Chatbot Icon
Chatbot Icon2

Full AI Chatbot in Action!

In this example the chatbot acts as a generic helpful assistant.

Full AI Chatbot

A full page AI chatbot built using native Wix elements for optimal customization. 


- Token system linked to Wix Pay.

- Configure settings such membership requirements, initial token allocation, AI model, prompt etc.
- Conversation history for logged in members. 
- NEW! Stream answers word by word like OpenAI.

Classic Editor Version available but may differ in design and requires a premium Wix plan to complete the mobile design.

Template is sold as is. Installation on an existing site and customization can be handled by our team for an additional fee. 

Template will be sent within 3 business days.

AI Solutions

The Wix Wiz Chatbot Icon

Wix Chat AI in action!

In this example the prompt contains basic information about a fake eCommerce Business. 

Wix Chat AI

Turn your native Wix Chat App into an AI driven assistant using our Blocks package. Works on both the Classic Editor and Editor X.


New features:

- Interject as the business. Let a real human step in and take up the conversation. 

- Easily change AI settings and prompt from the config file. 

- Stay up to date with upgrades as we publish them.

Installation can take up to 3 business days.
View setup instructions (After Block installation)

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