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Custom Product Pages


The custom product page implemented in this project is tailored to provide a personalized experience for users based on the type of product being showcased. 

Key Features:

  1. Dynamic Content Display:

  2. Depending on the type of product being viewed, the page intelligently adjusts its content sections to provide pertinent information. For instance, if the product is tea, details such as origin, elevation, ingredients, etc., are prominently displayed to educate users about the product's characteristics. If the product is a tea set or cup, the focus shifts to displaying product options such as color variants or size choices.

  3. Interactive Product Options: If the product option is a color, they are displayed as color swatches, allowing users to visualize the available choices easily. If the product option is a size, a dropdown menu is provided for users to select their preferred size.

  1. Conditional Button Display:

    Based on the type of product being showcased, different action buttons are displayed to users. For example, if the product is a tea, users are presented with a "Subscribe Monthly" button to encourage recurring purchases.

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