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Kelly's Candles

Kelly's Candles

Ecommerce Wix Studio Redesign


In this project, we redesigned the website to make it look more professional.

We also moved the existing site from the regular WIX editor to WIX Studio in order

to expand the design capabilities.

Key features:

Transferring a website from a regular editor to WIX Studio

To expand design capabilities, we moved the website from the regular editor to WIX

Studio, while maintaining all the content.

This allowed us to make the site responsive for all screen sizes and devices.

Transferring all products from the old online store to the new one

Since this site was an online store, it was important for us to preserve all the

products, so we exported all the products from the old site to a CSV file and then

imported them to the new site.

Only registered users can leave reviews.

Our task was to make sure that only registered users could leave reviews of


We created all the custom review elements and implemented this using code.

Birthday reward

Each member was to have the opportunity to receive a birthday reward.

We achieved this with the help of the Wix Loyalty Program.

We have created a separate segment, with the help of which each member can

receive their reward on their birthday.

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