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MK1 Construction Services

MK1 Construction Services

Customized Construction Calculator for Infrastructure Projects


Our client, a construction company specializing in infrastructure projects, required customized calculators integrated into their Wix website. These calculators aimed to streamline various construction-related calculations, including Slab, Open Cut, Annular, and Abandon Pipe calculations. Leveraging Wix Velo, we developed tailored solutions to meet the client's specific needs.

Key Features Implemented:

  1. Dynamic Calculation: Implemented mathematical formulas and algorithms within Wix Velo to enable dynamic calculation of slab, open cut, annular, and abandon pipe parameters.

  2. Input Validation: Integrated input validation mechanisms to ensure data accuracy and prevent errors in user-provided inputs.

  3. Multiple Units Support: Supported multiple units for input parameters (e.g., meters, feet, inches), enhancing flexibility for users across different measurement systems.

  4. Result Display: Configured result displays to present calculated values clearly and intuitively, aiding users in interpreting and utilizing the output effectively.

  5. Error Handling: Implemented robust error handling mechanisms to detect and gracefully handle any unexpected inputs or calculation errors.

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