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New Day Resources

New Day Resources

Custom Searchable Directory with Dynamic Pages


In this project, we created a resource directory with advanced search and filter capabilities. Additionally, we extensively customized the resource pages to make them compatible with various resource types.

Key features:

Resource Directory:

Custom Search, Filters, and Sort:

This includes both checkbox and radio selection-based filtering, along with a clear filter button, all of which can be toggled to show or hide. The search bar features a dynamic clear search button that appears once you begin typing. Below the search bar, you can see the total number of resources that match the search term and filters.

Resource Pages:

Resource-Specific Display:

If the resource is a video, a video player is displayed along with the option to listen to audio only. Additionally, all related videos in the same series are fetched via the Wix Data API and are neatly lined up for easy access.

For books and bookmarks available in different languages, relevant language options are also displayed. Users can explore the same resource in various languages with ease.

Related Resources:

For each resource, its related resources are defined using multiple references in collections. These linked resources and authors are retrieved through Wix Data and displayed as clickable items in a repeater. Clicking on related resources redirects you to that specific page.

Authors and Tags:

The same applies to authors. Clicking on an author redirects users to a page filtered to display all resources associated with that particular author.

Tags are also clickable, redirecting users to a page filtered to display all resources associated with that particular tag.

Like and Favorite Functionality:

Using Velo, we implemented a simple yet powerful like and favorite functionality. Users can express their preferences by liking or favoriting a resource with just a click. If they change their minds, clicking again removes the resource from their liked or favorited list.

Visual Icons:

Resource states are indicated with visually intuitive icons. Users can instantly see whether a resource is liked, favorited, or not. For example, a liked resource appears as a filled star, whereas an unliked resource appears as an unfilled star.

User's Liked and Favorited Resources in a Member Area Page:

This page showcases a user's liked and favorited resources. Users can manage their lists, including the ability to remove items they no longer wish to like or favorite.

Custom Login and Signup with Captcha:

We have also implemented a custom login and signup system using Velo, ensuring a seamless and secure registration process. The signup box incorporates a fully functional CAPTCHA, enhancing security and preventing automated signups.

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