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London Mountain Festival

London Mountain Festival

Custom Event Management System


In this project, we implemented a fully custom event management form through Velo. This feature-rich form empowers users with custom field validations, real-time Google Address validation, and dynamic video selection.

Key features:

Custom Field Validations:

Every field within this form boasts custom validations, ensuring that users submit accurate and complete information. This includes mandatory fields, ensuring nothing is overlooked before an event is created.

Google Address Validation:

We have integrated Google Address validation, providing users with real-time feedback on their entered address using onCustomValidation from Velo. If it's a valid Google address, it's instantly displayed on a Google Map for visual reference.

Video Selection and Management:

Users have the freedom to select videos for their events. Users can also play the videos before adding them. These videos are saved, maintaining the order in which they're added.

They can select, delete, and rearrange videos effortlessly, making event customization a breeze. Rearranging videos can be done by intuitive left and right arrows or they can input a specific order number to quickly organize their video lineup. All of this is also implemented using Velo.

Dynamic Event Page:

Upon successful submission of the form, users can view event details on a dynamic page. This page offers a comprehensive overview of the planned event.

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