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Diagnose Me

Diagnose Me

Bespoke AI Driven Diagnosis Platform


The AI-Powered Diagnosis Tool, developed with Velo and powered by OpenAI API's gpt-3.5-turbo model, is an interactive solution designed to aid users in obtaining a diagnosis and receiving recommended treatments based on their reported symptoms and current medication usage.

Key Features:

Natural Language Queries: Users effortlessly input their symptoms and medications. The AI searchbot intelligently interprets these natural language queries, enhancing user interaction.

Real-time Front-end Updates: Wix's Realtime feature ensures that AI responses are instantly transmitted to the front-end. This real-time update mechanism guarantees a seamless and responsive user experience.

Data Logging: Successful searches are securely logged into a collection, preserving user data and AI-generated responses. This includes the diagnosis and recommended treatment. This data can be used for continual improvement.

The AI-Powered Diagnosis Tool integrates advanced technologies to deliver accurate and real-time health insights. Its user-friendly interface, powered by Velo and OpenAI, transforms the diagnostic experience, making it both efficient and personalized.

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