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Carbon Progress

Carbon Progress

AI-Driven Q&A for Climate Questions


Provide AI-generated responses to predefined climate-related questions based on the user's location

Key features:

Design. Q&A Page

We created a Questions and Answers page, which included an input for entering a zip code, a repeater with prompts, an input in which the user can ask a question, a repeater in which the question and answer are displayed, and a loader to show how long it takes to generate an answer.

Code and Functionality. Q&A Page

Data Collections And Wix Realtime API along with Integration of llama.

We stored questions in the database that are displayed to users when a user enters their zip code. That collection consists of questions and prompts that will be passed to the AI Agent along with the zip code and an AI generated response will be populated to the chat in real-time using Wix Realtime API.

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